Longtime Shasta County Historian Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

A longtime dear friend of KQMS, and of the entire community, has passed away. Dottie Smith was the unofficial historian of Shasta County, assuming that mantle following the death of Judge Richard Eaton. Dottie worked as a Shasta County history instructor at Shasta College, was curator of the Shasta College Museum, and provided leadership in the fight to preserve a number of Shasta County architectural landmarks. Dottie’s books are still available for sale at the Fort Crook Museum in Fall River. Her books include the Dictionary Of Early Shasta County History and Historic Places of Shasta County, as well as books dedicated to local Indian tribes, the Chinese of the 19th century, and specific geographical areas in Shasta County. Dottie had recently been battling cancer. She’ll be missed by many local friends and fans.


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