SCSO: Probation Search Uncovers Fentanyl & Loaded Sawed-Off Shotgun

A Shasta Lake City man has been arrested following a probation search. On Friday deputies searched the Duval Drive home of 46-year-old Benjamin Lyons, who’s on probation for domestic violence. Besides Lyons, there were two other adults there and two children ages 6 and 8 who apparently live there on and off. Deputies say drug paraphernalia was found in almost every room, along with Fentanyl, as well as a loaded sawed-off shotgun and various types of ammunition. Lyons faces many charges, including child abuse with possible injury or death, presumably due to the accessibility of Fentanyl residue. The children were in good health and were left with their parents, against whom charges will be filed with the DA’s Office.


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