Investigators Say Shooting Suspect Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury Prior To Double Homicide In Trinity County

Investigators have shed some light on a tragic incident in Trinity County last week that left three people dead from gunshot wounds. According to the sheriff’s office, David Whitehouse had suffered a previous traumatic brain injury that left him with issues involving anger, memory loss and paranoia. He recently came to believe that a group of people whose names he did not know had harmed him years ago, and the leader of that group drove a white Dodge Charger. Whenever he saw one, he assumed it was following him. Just after 9 O’clock last Monday morning, Whitehouse fired multiple gunshots into the driver’s side of a white Dodge Charger in the parking lot of the Nugget Restaurant on Main Street in Weaverville. Shane Gillespie, the unfortunate owner of the car, was killed. About a half hour later Whitehouse arrived at the home of Lloyd Von Meerscheidt in Trinity Center. Whitehouse had previously lived at the home and had developed a deep hatred for the man. After shooting Von Meerscheidt multiple times, Whitehouse headed back toward Weaverville on Highway 3. Deputies and CHP Officers spotted his car and followed him to his house on Forest Avenue. Whitehouse barricaded himself inside and multiple Northstate law enforcement agencies were called to assist in the standoff and negotiations, including Redding and Anderson Police, and the Shasta County Sheriffs Office. Hours later when officers eventually forced entry into the home they found Whitehouse dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot.


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