RPD Bike Team Arrests Armed Man Reportedly Found With Drugs And Assualt Rifles

An armed man was arrested after officers stopped him in an alleyway near the Schreder Planetarium, according to Redding Police. Around 3PM on Tuesday afternoon, officers with the bike team were patrolling the area near the 1600 block of Magnolia Street when they encountered 45-year-old Nicholas Curran. Officers say that Curran was armed with a pellet gun and when he was told to drop the weapon he complied. Officers say they immediately spotted a bag of suspected Meth protruding from his front sweatshirt pocket. Officers than searched Curran’s RV that was parked nearby, and reportedly found evidence that drugs were being used and sold. The search reportedly uncovered various ammunition, gun parts, high capacity magazines, as well as an AK47 and AR15 assault rifles. Some of the ammunition was armor piercing rounds.Curran, who is a convicted felon, was booked into the Shasta County Jail.


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