DA Clears Officers Actions After Fatal Shooting In April 2021

Redding Police Department has been cleared for the shooting death of a man last year. 26-year-old Devin Wyteagle Kuykendall led Redding Police on a wild pursuit on April 6th of last year. An officer got an alert about a stolen vehicle from a LoJack transponder and followed the signal to a Ford F-250 near Lanning Avenue and Fell Street. A chase began but was soon canceled out of concern for safety. A short time later the truck was disabled in a T-bone crash after running a stop sign on Sutter Street at South Market. A female passenger ran one direction while Kuykendall ran the other way into a residential area armed with a Ruger mini-14 .223 caliber semi-automatic rifle. Kuykendall fired a round in the air on Terrill Street, then fired two shots at an officer in a patrol car before fleeing across the tracks to Railroad Avenue. Other officers took up the chase, continuing onto Court Street. After taking shelter behind the open door of a pickup truck and firing more shots, Kuykendall was shot in the neck from 50 yards away by Officer Jason Rhoads with his department-issued AR-15. District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett says the threat to police officers and the public made lethal force clearly justified.


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