SWAT Team Pulls Escaped Inmate From Burning Home In Nevada

A man who escaped from the Lassen County Jail was taken into custody during a dramatic standoff in Nevada. 35-year-old Angelo Atencio escaped the jail in Susanville last Thursday. While the Sheriff’s Office chased several leads in the Susanville area, it was learned that Atencio had escaped with help from his girlfriend, 33-year-old Ashley Ward of Winnemucca, Nevada. Deputies there were told of the couple’s hiding place. They surrounded the house and threw a phone inside. Atencio eventually spoke with a negotiator for several hours and said he was holding Ward hostage. A fire was started in an upstairs room as negotiations broke down. When tear gas was lobbed inside the pair moved to the basement. Ward started screaming because the house was burning down so the SWAT Team went in and rescued her, then returned to rescue Atencio with the house fully engulfed in flames. Atencio and ward face multiple charges in both states.


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