Man Charged With Felony Vandalism Released From Shasta County Jail Due To Overcrowding

Redding Police say a man who broke some windows near the Shasta County Jail said he did it because he wanted to be locked up. At 11:30PM Sunday night 36-year-old Logan Ashinhurst was detained by jail staff after reportedly admitting to breaking several windows on West Street. RPD Officers had contacted Ashinhurst the previous night, when he told them he was on parole for criminal threats and elder abuse. He was sentenced to three years but was released this month after serving 15 months in prison at Vacaville. He was briefly jailed over the weekend for a court order violation. Officers say they found 7 broken windows with am estimated value of $3,000, meeting the threshold for felony vandalism. Still, the RPD says it would be a challenge for the jail to continue to keep him in custody. A check Tuesday morning of inmates show he is no longer in jail.


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