City Begins Installing New Parking Meters In Downtown Redding

A new parking plan is set to begin operations downtown early next year. PA stations have begun to arrive and are expected to be installed soon. To prepare for an overhaul of the entire system, antiquated parking meters are being removed and new signage is being installed. To help with the transition, parking will be free downtown through January 23rd, but parking limits will still apply. The new rate will be One Dollar per hour Monday through Friday, and free on evenings and weekends. There are also two privately owned parking garage which can cost $8 a day. An employee parking program for those who work downtown will also launch soon and will cost $25 a month. There are over 2000 parking spaces downtown that are available for public use. New pay stations will accept coins, credit, or debit cards. A second form of payment known as Flowbird will be available to download as an app on your phone, which then does not require a stop at a pay station. Options will also be available by text. For more information visit


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