Adopted Son Sentenced To Prison For Killing Both Parents In 2016

A 29-year-old Siskiyou County man has been sentenced for the murders of his adopted parents. The bodies of 69-year-old John Doyle and 67-year-old Carol Doyle were discovered at their home off County Road A-12 in the Big Springs area of Montague July 5th of 2016. Both had been shot to death with 45 caliber rounds, Carol in the back of her head and John through his mouth. The deaths were discovered after a 9-1-1 hang up call at 7:19AM. Detectives were gathering evidence when Damion Doyle arrived at 11:30AM. He said he hadn’t been there in weeks, had last spoken to his parents the day before and was working that morning at a site outside of Weed. Throughout the lengthy conversation, Damion never asked why the place was a crime scene and when detectives told him his parents were dead, he never inquired how they died. He went on to say he was not welcome at the home because they didn’t trust him. Detectives later learned Damion had stolen $40,000 from his parents. Surveillance footage showed a man who could have been Damion laying in wait before shooting Carol. Damion stood to inherit well over a Million Dollars, along with a number of properties. While awaiting trial Damion tried to bribe a number of people to pin the killings on someone else, but they told on him instead. On the eve of trial Damion pled no contest and last week he was sentenced to 35-years-to-life for each of the murders.


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