Board Of Trustees Votes To Fire Gateway School District Superintendent

There’s unrest in the Gateway School District, whose Board of Trustees met Tuesday night and fired their Superintendent, Jim Harrell. As reported by A News Cafe, the dismissal was loudly opposed by many of the Central Valley area parents and teachers attending the meeting. The vote was carried by the new board majority made up of Cherrill Clifford and husband and wife team Elian and Lindsi Haynes. Opposition to the firing of Harrell is based on several factors. For one, Harrell still has a year remaining on his contract, which will require a six-figure buyout. Harrell has also threatened legal action. Another bone of contention is the rumored replacement the board may be planning to hire. Bryan Caples lost in May by a wide margin as he tried to take the county schools chief position from Judy Flores. Caples employment history is full of drama, having been dismissed from at least 3 prior superintendent positions, including Scott Valley in Siskiyou County, Burnt Ranch in Trinity County and Palermo in Butte County.


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