Good News Rescue Mission Will Hold Ceremony To Remember Local Homeless People

The nights can be long for people who have nowhere to go. That’s why the Good News Rescue Mission holds their homeless memorial service on the Winter Solstice, because the shortest day of the year is accompanied by the longest night. At 11 O’clock Tuesday morning a ceremony will be held at the mission chapel on Veda Street to remember the homeless individuals who have passed away over the course of the past year. Many people will be surprised to know the number of local homeless people who have died as a result of their plight. In the past year there have been 18 deaths of homeless people whose names are known, but the number of actual homeless deaths is estimated at 47. The mission’s chapel and dining hall remain open when weather is bad to provide a place out of the cold. Members of the public are encouraged to attend today’s service at 11AM.


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