Corning Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Multiple Crimes

A 32-year-old Corning man with a lengthy record has been sentenced to prison again. Richard Guttridge the Fourth was sentenced to prison for residential burglary in 2011. In 2017 he was busted with drugs after stealing a young child’s backpack that contained a handheld video game and a Bible. Last year he was given a prison sentence for a car chase with Corning Police in 2020. Guttridge’s latest arrest was November 22nd, and he’s been sentenced for two separate cases. In one, he stole a company credit card from a woman in Red Bluff. Police went to the businesses where the card was used and identified Guttridge on video footage making the transactions. The other crime was an assault he committed last month. He arrived at the victim’s Corning home and tried to hit the victim. During the altercation he sprayed the victim with pepper spray. He’s been given a 3 year prison sentence.


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