Arson Strikes Tehama County Jail

A Corning man has been taken into custody after apparently trying to blow up the Tehama County Jail in Red Bluff. Last Tuesday jail staff alerted the fire department to a one thousand gallon propane tank on fire in the jail parking lot. The line on the tank had been intentionally sabotaged to cause a major leak that was then set afire. Red Bluff Fire Department quickly dealt with the situation. Surveillance video was reviewed, showing a man lighting the fire before fleeing on foot. He was identified by investigators as 64-year-old Jose Zintzun Garcia, a Corning man who’s apparently homeless. Multiple law enforcement agencies began searching the area and CHP officers found Zintzun-Garcia at the Red Bluff post office, where he was reportedly trying to set fire to another propane tank. He was booked into jail for arson and vandalism on $265,000 bail.


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