Bureau Of Reclamation Adds $80 Million In Sites Reservoir Funding

Another $80 Million has been awarded for the construction of Sites Reservoir. The Bureau of Reclamation made the announcement last week. That’s in addition to $30 Million from the Department of the Interior in October. Last March the Environmental Protection Agency said it would loan the project nearly $2.2 Billion to cover about half of the project’s total cost. Another $450 million can be borrowed from Federal Agriculture Department funds. California voters had floated nearly a Billion Dollars in bond money as well. The project still must clear some regulatory processes, including an environmental review, where it’s likely to face fierce opposition from environmental groups who say the project will divert too much water from the Sacramento River. It’s hoped the project will help the region withstand droughts.┬áThe lake construction is planned for an area west of Williams in Glenn and Colusa Counties, and would hold up to 1.5 Million Acre-Feet of off-stream storage as a catch basin for storm water and flood flows.


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