Clerk Arrested For Homicide After Deadly Altercation At Mini Mart

A store clerk has been arrested after an altercation with a customer became deadly. About 10 minutes to 10 Thursday night, 46-year-old Shannon Rawlins was working the cash register at one of the convenience stores on Lake Boulevard near Market Street when 51-year-old Miguel Padilla came into the store. Padilla exchanged hostile words with another customer and Rawlins told Padilla to leave the other person alone, which he did. The other customer left the store and Rawlins rang up Padilla for his purchase as the two talked to each other. Rawlins then walked out from behind the counter and confronted Padilla, who raised his arm before Rawlins shoved him to the floor, then kicked at him as he tried to stand up. When Padilla got to his feet and the two squared off, Rawlins punched Padilla twice, both times knocking Padilla to the floor and causing him to strike his head. The second time he was knocked unconscious. Rawlins called 9-1-1. When police and medical arrived Padilla was on the floor bleeding from his nose. He was taken to a hospital, where he later died. Detectives talked to witnesses, viewed surveillance video and interviewed Rawlins. They determined it was not self defense because Padilla never threatened Rawlins or challenged him to fight. Rawlins was booked into jail for homicide.


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