RPD Arrests 2 People From Louisiana After Search Uncovers Over 200 Pounds Of Cannabis

The suspicions of a Redding Police Officer proved true, leading to a very large cannabis seizure. At 7:30PM Sunday evening an officer was checking out a suspicious vehicle parked at a Eureka Way gas station. It was a rental car and the officer learned it had left Oakland that morning. The occupant of the car apparently acted very nervously upon realizing the officer was watching, so the officer approached and saw several large black bags in the back of the car. By the smell he could tell the bags were stuffed with marijuana. A total of nearly 215 Pounds of processed cannabis bud was seized, along with two loaded semi-auto handguns that were under the front seats. The driver, Andrew Williams, and the passenger, Chantel Knox, both 32-years-old from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and for the concealed guns.


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