$24 Million Settlement Reached With PG&E For Dixie Fire Damage

A large civil settlement has been reached with PG&E by a coalition of ten public agencies for damage caused by the 2001 Dixie Fire. This is separate from a settlement reached last April on behalf of people who lost their homes in the five counties affected by the 963,309 acre fire. The district attorneys offices of Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Lassen and Plumas Counties each got a Million Dollars in that settlement as payment for representing homeowners and renters, as well as non-profits, which got $30 Million. That settlement also mandated prevention measures, including shut-off systems on 5,200 miles of distribution lines and placing at least 400 miles of distribution lines underground. The settlement just announced Tuesday is $24 Million to pay for actual damage to public and natural resources, as well as labor, lost revenue and increased expenses. The $24 Million will be allocated relative to damage suffered by each of the ten public entities. PG&E was able to deny liability as part of the settlement terms. The Dixie Fire started on July 13th of 2021 from malfunctioning PG&E equipment.


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