Man Arrested After Shots Are Fire At Officers In East Redding

Victor Avenue was closed between Cypress and Mistletoe for an extended time Monday night as a large number law enforcement officers from several agencies tried to track down a shooter. A little before 7 O’clock a number of 9-1-1 callers reported shots fired in the area of Victor and Cascade Lane, according to Redding Police Sergeant Wes Townsley. Officers were on foot investigating when shots were fired toward them. They took cover and many backup officers responded from RPD, as well as the CHP and the Sheriff’s Office. As a perimeter was being established and arrangements were being made to evacuate neighbors, a man walked toward officers from the Casa Serena Apartments. As he got closer officers could see the silhouette of a handgun in his front sweatshirt pocket. 31-year-old Cord Lane was detained with the concealed loaded handgun. He identified himself as a resident of the apartments and his unit was checked by the SWAT Team. A search warrant reportedly turned up spent casings and more ammunition. Lane was booked into jail for negligent discharge, carrying a loaded and concealed gun in public and the attempted murder of a police officer.


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