RPD Chief Issues Statement Following Video Of Officer Seen Kicking Suspect In The Head

A video circulating on social media has prompted Redding Police Chief Bill Schueller to open an investigation into possible police brutality. Chief Schueller says he became aware of the video Saturday evening, though the incident took place last Monday. 39-year-old Kevin Donald Hursey was allegedly trying to get into parked cars at a hospice care facility on Willis Street, and when staff confronted him he started to pull an unknown item from his pocket. Two RPD Officers arrived and were unable to pacify the situation, as Hursey kept placing his hands in his waistband and appeared to be on drugs. More officers arrived and a bean bag round was shot at Hursey, then a K9 was unleashed on him. The video, recorded on a bystander’s cell phone, shows about a minute of intense struggle as officers swarm Hursey, who shrieks in fear and pain as he tries to fend off the attacking dog. Officers shout at him to stop fighting the dog but he’s clearly in a panic. Eventually he was handcuffed and the video ends with an officer stepping on Hursey’s head. That officer has been placed on administrative leave and his police powers are suspended. An investigation is underway by the RPD., and the Chief has requested that Anderson Police conduct a separate independent criminal investigation on the officer. Hursey, meanwhile, was treated for his injuries at Mercy Hospital and then booked into jail for resisting arrest, violence against a police officer, prowling, vehicle tampering, interfering with a police canine, being intoxicated in public and violating the terms of his post release supervision.


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