Local Groups Urge RPD To Expedite Implementation Of Body Cameras For Officers

A local organization that was formed in the wake of the George Floyd protests is calling on all Shasta County law enforcement agencies to expedite implementation of body cameras for their officers. The Shasta Equal Justice Coalition has issued a statement to commend the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department for moving swiftly with murder charges against the 5 officers accused in the death of Tyre Nichols. The statement points out that only two pieces of information are available to the public concerning a potential police brutality incident that occurred last week in Redding. One source of information is the cell phone video captured by a bystander. The other source is the statement released by Chief Bill Scheuller. The coalition says the use of body cameras is an element that’s essential to improving trust between law enforcement and the community at large. The RPD is already working on implementation of body cams and is currently planning on launching the body cam program in July, with money for extra staffing already secured. A separate group is planning to gather at Redding City Hall at 6 O’clock Thursday evening to demand body cams for officers.


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