Judge Orders PG&E To Stand Trial For Sparking The Zogg Fire

The preliminary hearing for the criminal case against PG&E concerning the Zogg Fire has wrapped up after 7 days of testimony. The nation’s largest utility was arraigned last June on 31 criminal counts and enhancements, including four counts of involuntary manslaughter. The preliminary hearing began January 18th and ended Wednesday with the corporation ordered to answer to stand trial. In September of 2020, the Zogg Fire was sparked by PG&E electrical lines that were brought down by a Gray Pine Tree that was marked for removal, but was not removed in time. The fire burned more than 56,000 acres, destroyed more than 200 buildings and killed four residents as they tried to escape the flames. PG&E was already on probation for causing other disasters, including the San Bruno natural gas explosion and the Camp Fire that burned down Paradise. California regulators have already proposed fining PG&E more than $155 Million for sparking the Zogg Fire. The court date is February 15th, when a trial date may be set.


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