RPD: Registered Sex Offender Arrested After Reportedly Taking Pictures Of Teen Girl

A registered sex offender has been caught with a teenager in North Redding. Shortly before 6AM Wednesday someone called Redding Police and said he was driving to work when he saw a Ford Ranger near Belvedere Drive and Stinson loop in the Highland Park subdivision. He said a man was in the bed of the truck taking photographs of a girl. They were still there when officers arrived. 24-year-old Jagit Kainth and a 16-year-old girl were taken downtown for questioning. The girl said she had snuck out of her house to meet Kainth. She had met him through some of her friends and had been hanging out with him for over a year, during which he had been giving her alcohol and pot and soliciting her for sex. She said he had touched her inappropriately and had sexually abused her. Kainth, who was convicted last year of forcible penetration with a foreign object, was booked into jail on several charges.


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