Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 8 Children Extradited To Shasta County

A 36-year-old Redding man accused of monstrous crimes is back in Shasta County after being on the run for more than four years. In October of 2018 Redding Police were told that Bo Nunn had been molesting multiple children. 8 different victims said Nunn had sexually assaulted them, with some of the abuse going back as far as 2009. All the victims were the children of Nunn’s friends and family. He was captured during a traffic stop in Nevada City January 29th. He gave them a false name but he was identified and extradited to Shasta County, where he’s being held on $2 Million bail. While he was on the run, Nunn apparently would frequently dress as a woman and wear wigs in order to conceal his identity.


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