Authorities Tree Suspect Who Swam Across The River Near Anderson

A man made a difficult and dangerous swim across the Sacramento River while running from police Wednesday. A deputy on Mountain View Drive off Dersch Road saw a man running toward a parked vehicle, which he got into and drove to the north until he reached the end of the road. He drove through three backyards before the car became disabled in the backyard of a vacant house. He then fled on foot, with several people reporting him running through their back yards. In one yard he stole a motorcycle. A short time later he was seen on Park Ridge Road running toward the river. CHP Air Operations saw him going into the river. He swam across and ended up in Anderson River Park, where he was intercepted by the APD and sheriff’s deputies. Ace the K9 chased him up a tree overhanging the river, but he surrendered a short time later. 26-year-old Michael Robert Oyarzo was wanted for questioning about an armed robbery in Redding. He was booked on multiple charges.


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