RPD Arrests Stabbing Suspect After Pursuit

Police say a woman led them on a pursuit after stabbing a man in his sleep in Shasta Lake City. Thursday afternoon deputies were called to a home on Akrich Street, where an unknown woman had come in and stabbed a man in his forearm and his back as he slept in his living room. Neighbors reported seeing a woman who matched the description sitting in a black car in front of the house. A records check showed that the victim’s son had been involved in an incident with a woman earlier this year who had a car matching the description. She was identified as 55-year-old Stacy Jacobsen. At around the same time, multiple reports were made about a woman driving erratically in Redding in a car registered to Jacobsen. Redding Police caught up to the car on Churn Creek Road and tried to pull it over, but they were led on a chase that ended at Jacobsen’s home. After pulling into her garage, she was taken into custody and booked into jail for attempted murder.


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